10 Best Romantic Anime Movies To Watch

In the world of anime, romance as a genre enjoys unparalleled heights. Check out the best and well made romantic anime movies to watch now.

romantic anime movies to watch

Check out the best and well made romantic anime movies to watch now.

In the world of anime, romance as a genre enjoys unparalleled heights. Aside from the excellent love anime series, there are a few movies that present all the shadows of love in the best way possible. These love anime movies will change your romantic idea for the better. You will begin to see the world in the colours of the rainbow, as it should appear. Get ready to discover the love and splendour of love anime as you go through some of the greatest romantic anime movies to watch ever!

1. Your Name:

The film tells the story of two young souls while exploring the themes of destiny and time. Taki and Mitsuha High School students are total strangers living different lives. One day, they changed places. Taki wakes up in Mitsuha’s body with his own. A strange event occurs from time to time, and both must learn to live with it.

2. The Garden of Words:

The Garden of Words tells the story of a young man named Takao Azuki, who dreams of becoming a shoemaker. No one seems to understand her desire until she meets a girl who seems distant and seems to be the only person she believes in. However, the girl has to find a way to overcome the internal problems that keep her away from anyone.

3. Whispers of the Heart:

The film, based on a manga of the same name, tells the story of a young girl who loves to read and dreams of becoming a writer when she grows up. One day he finds out that all his library books have been checked by Seiji Amasawa. His trip to school one day led him to meet a big cat that led him to an antique dealer. He soon begins to write his novel and begins his dream of finding his soul mate.

4. The Wind Rises:

This movie tells the amazing story of a little boy and his love for aeroplanes. When he grew up wanting to be a pilot he was told he could not because of the close sight. Frustrated, he continues to dream of flying aeroplanes and continues to learn a lot about pilots and aerospace designers. In his dream, he is visited by one of the great men he reads about, who tells him that designing a plane is better than flying. His love deepens as he meets the love of his love that continues to inspire him through all of their flight design problems.

5. 5 Centimeters per second:

This film tells the story of a little boy who gets a chance to get acquainted with a new girl who has just been transferred to her school. We are captivated by their genuine friendship that stems from their mutual interest and common interests. They soon developed strong feelings for each other and their relationship became apparent when they both spoke to each other using only their own words. Later they travel in different directions with the intention of furthering their studies but while they are still separated they can still communicate deeply. They continue to meet different partners and even have children but their communication remains the same.

6. A Silent Voice:

The film tells the heartwarming story of Shoya Ishida and Shoko Nishimiya. The first one was a bully at school and the last one was a pretty girl with a hearing impairment. Shoko moves to Ishida’s school and soon finds himself being bullied because of his hearing problem. Years later, the tables turn, and Ishida becomes a victim.

7. Josee, the Tiger, and the Fish:

Josee, a girl with a different disability, and Tsuneo, a University student with big dreams, accidentally met. Tsuneo, a college student, accepts Josee’s grandmother’s proposal to become Josee’s caregiver. The story is very simple and interesting, which is why it is so interesting. The characters grow well, the viewer grows with them, and finally what you have is a full flower garden.

8. I Want to Eat Your Pancreas:

The name has taken from an ancient Japanese myth that you will know when you watch a movie. There are no robbers here, don’t worry. A boy receives a classmate’s secret diary from a hospital waiting room and learns that he is suffering from chronic pancreatic cancer. He helps Sakura to see everything she has on her bucket list before she dies. Next, you learn the importance of friendship and begin to open up the world. A really lovely love story.

9. From Up on Poppy Hill:

Due to the upcoming Olympic Games, the government decides to demolish the old school to build a new modern building in its place. In an effort to save the old building, Umi Matsuzaki, with the help of others, is helping to repair the same. This is where he meets Shun Kazama and they fall in love. A closer look reveals that Kazaza is actually Umi’s brother. How does he define love in such a situation? Watch this movie to find out.

10. Classmates:

This popular anime presents the story of two different high school guys as they grew up and met.

A simple story that follows the ups and downs of romance in high school, with a lot of drama you might expect from the worst kind of anime romance.

The unique art style is a big part of what makes this movie different. It has a unique simplicity that attracts many people, though it is rare in that genre.

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