Best Movies On Netflix That Make You Cry Right Now

Netflix has a great collection of movies in all genres and languages. Check out the best movies on Netflix that make you cry right now.

movies on Netflix that make you cry

Check out the best movies on Netflix that make you cry right now.

Sometimes, you just need to cry, and nothing will help you to do that better than sad movies. Whether you are in a heartbreaking love or a medical melodrama. There is something troubling about the two hours spent blinking. Forget what people say about crying babies: crying can really help to soothe and reduce pain; so go ahead and get it all out. If you are in the mood to watch a Flick that will make you cry. Then we recommend movies on Netflix that make you cry Netflix.

1. All the Bright Places

All the Bright Places tells the story of high school students, Violet (Elle Fanning) and Theodore, who likes to go by her last name, Finch (Justice Smith), both of whom suffer from mental illness caused by trauma in the past. A soft love story, growing into two broken people, together, they begin the healing process. The film is gentle and heartbreaking, as well as the extraordinary penetration of the original Netflix script that really tries to manage mental health carefully.

2.  The Florida Project

The Florida Project follows six-year-old Moonee and a group of her friends as they find entertainment inside and around the car park where Moonee and her mother are struggling. Much of the film’s emotional impact comes from the exciting ways Moonee and her friends found out how to make the best of the sad reality.

3. Pieces of a Woman

Director Kornél Mundruczó and author Kata Wéber have taken this movie from their experience with the death of a baby, so it is personal and very powerful. In the film, Vanessa Kirby and Shia LaBeouf play a couple who see how it is possible to continue after their baby does not survive birth.

4. Tell Me Who I Am 

In this document, Alex Lewis recounts how he once again learned who he was. In the 1980s, he awoke from a coma and lost his memory. He relied on his twin brother, Marcus, to tell him who he was. But Marcus chose to hold back some of the important information that could have changed his attitude toward Alex and his family.

5. Cheer

Cheer will take you on a journey of seemingly invincible struggle and unwavering friendships that will make you wonder why cheerleading was not an Olympic sport years ago. Also, you will start to find a new set of motivating words to help you through any obstacle.

6. Into the Wild 

Jon Krakauer’s book on the life and death of Christopher McCandless is especially heartbreaking when it is followed by Eddie Vedder. Emile Hirsch’s McCandless writes poetically about philosophy and divides everyone he loves, who may not stand out at times, but is equated with the deep beauty of the desert. When McCandless Pride proves to be very dangerous, the result is not so bad.

7. Marriage Story

Noah Baumbach’s best-selling film looks closely, invariably with a family on the verge of a breakup. From tender moments to brutal battles, the movie makes you feel for everyone involved.

8. Roma

Set in the early 1970s in Mexico City, Roma is part of the life of Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuarón (who also produced, directed, and filmed), following a year of formation in middle-class family life. and the caretaker of their houses. It’s not just a good film – and it’s totally painful.

9. 6 Balloons

Abbi Jacobson and Dave Franco play the siblings in this black film. A series of plot twists that take place overnight. Jacobson’s character takes his younger brother (Franco) to a detoxification centre in hopes of surviving a heroin addiction. Meanwhile, Franco’s two-year-old on-screen daughter, who will be cared for by Jacobson, is in the back seat.

10. The Pursuit of Happiness

In this true story, a man named Chris is a single father who is evicted from his home. She and her son were homeless when Chris took an unpaid internship in the hope that it would be a turning point in their lives.

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