how to parental controls for Netflix

How To Enable Parental Controls For Netflix

If you have kids, they probably spend a lot of time watching videos on Netflix now as we are all asked to stay indoors. Netflix has released a number of new parental controls that allow you to see what your kids are watching, block certain shows. Set a profile so they can only watch certain content, such as programs and movies only for kids or teens.

Previously, Netflix had a “Kids” profile that limited content to kids only. However, that was very limited – especially for older children who could handle certain mature themes but not limited to R content.

You can now manage a lot of things. Here’s how to enable Parental Controls on Netflix.

Here’s how to set up parental controls on Netflix

  • Sign in to your account, click your profile icon in the top right corner, and scroll to Manage Profiles.
  • Click Add profile, add your child’s name, and tick the box next to Kid? Then click Continue.
  • Click the profile icon you just created and scroll to the maturity settings; click Edit.
  • Enter the password for your account.

On the View Restrictions page. Click on the average age of content you would like to have for your child: TV-Y (6 and under); TV-Y7 (7 and under); TV-G / G (regular audience); TV-PG / PG (parental guidance); etc. These limits are set according to the MPAA and TV rating systems.

  • In the Children’s Profile section, enable the Netflix Kids experience. If you expect your child to be able to connect to Netflix independently. The children’s experience provides an intuitive interface and prevents access to all settings.
  • Under Title restrictions, add words to any shows you do not want your child to watch.
  • Click Save.

Create a passcode for each user.

An individual passcode ensures that each person in the home can only access his or her account. Prevents children from accessing the profiles of their parents or siblings from viewing each other’s shows. You can also change your child’s passcode if you do not want them to log into their account at all.

  • On the Account page, scroll down to the Profile and Parental Controls section. Click the down arrow next to each username. scroll to Lock Lock, click Change and enter your account password.
  • On the Profile Lock page, check the box next to “Require PIN to access profile,” and enter a four-digit PIN. You may also need a PIN to add new profiles to your Netflix account so kids can create new ones.

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