Stephen Hawking Birthday: Google Doodle Celebrates and pays tribute

Google celebrates Stephen Hawking birthday and honoured the English cosmologist, author, and physicist with a cartoon video on its homepage.

Stephen Hawking birthday

Stephen Hawking birthday

On Saturday to mark the 80th Stephen Hawking birthday. Google honoured English cosmologist, author, and physicist Stephen Hawking with a cartoon video on its homepage. The video traces Hawking’s life and work. According to a scientist himself who built it with the consent of his relative.

Hawking, born in Oxford, England, fascinated by the world since childhood. At the age of 21, he diagnoses with a neurodegenerative disease, which gradually put her in a wheelchair. He lost his voice and began communicating with a speech thermometer. Google describes him as “one of the most influential scientific minds in history”.

Stephen Hawking Birthday

Hawking graduated from Oxford with a BA in Physics, before earning a PhD at the University of Cambridge. He was obsessed with black holes, which formed the basis of his studies and research. In 1974, he discovered that particles could escape from black holes. A theory that was considered the most important contribution to physics.

“From the crash of black holes to the Big Bang. His views on the origins and engineering of the universe revolutionized modern physics. While his best-selling books made the field widely available to millions of readers worldwide,” writes Google.

 Hawking Rays

Hawking and his colleagues were still debating how Hawking’s rays worked in 1997. after 23 years of proposing the idea in a paper.

Most celestial objects have a number of structures: size, radius, chemical composition, and spinning (the object rotates rapidly and in a certain direction). But black holes have only two structures: size and spin. They exist in one place, called unity, so they have no radius. And everything that falls into a black hole becomes part of unity, so it loses its chemical identity, too.

Think of those structures as metadata for everything in the universe. The law of physics, called the law of gravity, states that objects cannot be created or destroyed. Only transformed into a different kind – and physicist John Preskill emphasized that knowledge of the properties of matter should also apply. He suggested that the Hawking rays should be aware of everything that draws a black hole. Otherwise, if the information could not escape the black hole, it would lost when the black hole eventually evaporates, and that would be a violation of conservation law.

Hawking Preskill bet a copy of Total Baseball: The Ultimate Baseball Encyclopedia Preskill was wrong. In 2004, Hawking agreed to bet and introduced Preskill to a baseball encyclopedia. According to statistics and models of Hawking, Hawking’s radiation actually contained metadata for the whole story of a swallowed black hole. But that knowledge must come out perfectly.

That meant he had to burn the encyclopedia and give Preskill a box of ashes, Hawking once joked.

Betting with Preskill was a perfect feature of Hawking, who enjoyed the same betting as his counterparts – often betting on a book or magazine subscription – as a result of their natural science research.

Hawking became a popular name in the late 1980s for his ability to explain to people who were not physics experts. He has authored eight books, most notably Short History of Time (1988), The Universe in a Nutshell (2001), and short answers to major questions (2018). He also co-authored a series of children’s books with his daughter Lucy Hawking, beginning with George’s Secret Key to the Universe (2007).

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