Good romantic movies on Netflix to stream in 2021

From ‘The Kissing Booth’ to ‘To All the Boys: Always and Forever,’ good romantic movies on Netflix are perfect to stream on your next date.


From 'The Kissing Booth' to 'To All the Boys: Always and Forever,' good romantic movies on Netflix are perfect to stream on your next date.

The great thing about Netflix is ​​that it offers instant gratification. So you can often find the type of movie you are in at the moment. And when you feel the urge to watch the heart-wrenching love that not only Netflix can bring, it will give you the exact romantic taste you want, too. Netflix has a complete library to choose from, from historical romance to love comics all between. If you’re looking for a cry for some tissue or a joke about all the hijinks needed to get two people downstairs, then we’ve got your list. Check out the good romantic movies on Netflix here below:

1. Always Be My Maybe:

The former Netflix stars Randall Park and Ali Wong as close friends everyone is expected to keep together in love. But they were once just friends. When the two reconnect and later in life, they still have a chance to rekindle their relationship as something more. But not without a few illegal steps – one of which comes in the form of a seemingly stealthy scene by Keanu Reeves. The two comedy stars bring a kind of chemical that makes the famous rom-com of the old work, and the result is an exciting new entry in a list of books of some sort reduced and authentic. Always be my maybe is one of the Good romantic movies on Netflix.

2. After:

If you want a movie with soap and water, you don’t have to look far. Next comes a college student who falls in love with a “tough bad guy.” Based on a book series based on One Direction fan fiction, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

3. Someone Great:

The movie begins with heartbreak, making you perfect for anyone trying to end a breakup. The film follows Jenny, who was devastated by the rejection, going out at night with her girlfriends, but she can’t help but separate from her husband. Are they reconciling?

4. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before:

What if your secret characters were not private, but came from the hands of those mentioned above? It is a nightmare for young people! That is what happened to lead wife Lara Jean (Lana Condor) in this Netflix original based on Jenny Han’s best-selling YA novel. This is one of the Good romantic movies on Netflix.

5. Moonlight:

In this Best Picture winner directed by Barry Jenkins. We meet an unforgettable young man named Chiron, who grew up to be Black, poor, and queen in the vicinity of Miami. Chiron’s boring journey to manhood is backed up by a passionate love affair with a classmate. who returns to his adult life in later years in the story of love and longing.

6. The Love Birds:

Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani are the perfect duos in the tragic crime film, The Love Birds. After a couple in the city at night end up in a dangerous or less dangerous place. they should work together to stay alive and erase their names for the murders they did not commit.

7. To All the Boys: Always and Forever:

The third and final film on the mega-popular Netflix To All the Boys franchise sees Lara Jean and her boyfriend, dreamboat Peter Kavinsky, at a crossroads. Shortly after returning from a life-changing journey to Korea and looking down on her final year. Lara Jean looks back at her college plans, both outside and outside of her beauty. Fans of this series will be deeply satisfied with this successful conclusion.

8. Good on paper:

Emerging comedian Iliza Schlesinger has written and starred in Good on Paper, a rom-com inspired by her experience. Schlesinger plays the role of Andrea Singer, a comedian who has held love for years. When he begins to fall in love with a perfect man, he begins to suspect that he is too good to be true, tying his teammates into humorous activities to get to the bottom of who the mussel really is.

9. Set it up:

Set It Up is very good: Two supervisors of overworked executives see that they will have more free time when their employers start dating, so they use the tools they have (their calendars, etc.) to try to make a romantic engineer. But – you wouldn’t know? – and the helpers began to cross on their own, too. The assistants are played by Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell who are beyond special powers, and the directors are Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs, so there are a lot of celebs to watch in this movie, too.

10. Her:

Is it still love when half of a couple is not shown on screen? Directed by Spike Jonze, Her follows a man (Joaquin Phoenix) who falls in love with her talk show (produced by Scarlett Johansson). You would never think of Siri the same way again.

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