10 Best Crime Movies On Netflix In 2021

There’s a lot of distracting, catchy entertainment on Netflix by the fall of 2021. We have compiled the best crime movies currently streaming on Netflix. There is no denying the attraction of well-made movies within this genre. Audiences can immerse themselves in and enjoy the stories of the characters living on the edge. You know, safely, through the deception of cinema.

These are the best crime movies on Netflix you can watch right now.

1. Lost Girls

Based on a true event that happened back in 2010. This version of the movie was torn from the pages of the 2013 book, “Lost Girls: The Mystery of America Unresolved”.

The story is about a desperate mother of three, Mari Gilbert. She discovers that her eldest daughter, Shannan, who worked as a prostitute in Jersey City, N.J., has disappeared. The fear of her daughter being killed throws Mari into a protective and helpless rage. We end up learning that he actually has a whole list of things he is angry about.

After the mutilated bodies of young women were found on the side of the highway. Shannan’s hopes for a safe return began to wane. This case of a missing person quickly turns into the hunt for a murderous killer.

2. The Guest

After director-writer Adam Wingard did not write the semi-sleeper horror hit in 2011’s You Next. You’ll find some favour among the genre and, apparently, with the brass studio. What other way to describe the distribution of his unpopular thriller The Guest through Time Warner subsidiary Picturehouse? Led by Dan Stevens and kindred flick Following the weeping queen Maika Monroe. The Guest introduces herself as a subtle drama, suddenly using a blender of 80s tropes trope. and finally revealing its true identity as a stand-alone video-recording video. Before finally surround yourself with a well-worked wink. To say the least about hell Stevens’ ‘David” out of a small New Mexico town would not only ruin the fun but also possibly kill you.

3. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

A shamefaced financial journalist (Daniel Craig) is offered a chance to break free. when he is hired by wealthy Swedish businessman Henrik Vanger to settle the murder of Vanger’s 40-year-old nephew Harriet. Vanger believes his nephew was killed by a member of their family.

This murder mystery is loving and clear. As Craig’s character begins to get clues as to what happened to Harriet, he decides he needs an assistant. He was then joined by Lisbeth Salander, a former computer hacker. Together, they discover the deep, violent secrets of Vanger.

4. I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

A horror flick of meditation that is less troubling than the real horror. I Am the Good Living in the House following the death of Lily. a resident nurse (Ruth Wilson) who cares for a sick horror writer. As Lily discovers the truth about the author’s story and home. the lines between the visible realm and the subsequent obscurity. The slow-motion of the movie and the silent escalation can be frustrating for viewers who wish to escape the horror. But director Oz Perkins deserves to be unveiled. He brings great pleasure everywhere, and his story will catch the streamers of patients. Fans should make sure to check out his direct debit, The Blackcoat’s Daughter.


Starring Gary Oldman, Amy Adams, Anthony Mackie, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Wyatt Russell, Fred Hechinger, Brian Tyree Henry, Julianne Moore. Filmmaker Joe Wright’s movie focuses on an agoraphobic woman. Who checks out her new neighbours and keeps them until they see an act of violence.

6. There Will Be Blood

Paul Thomas Anderson’s magnum opus, based on Upton Sinclair’s Oil !, starred Daniel Day-Lewis as the nation’s most useless national ambition during the California Gold Rush. The actor won second out of three (and counting) Best Actor Oscars; the film tied Best Picture winner No Country For Old Men with eight heads.


With the epic gangster film, Martin Scorsese brought a stellar cast together to give all the criminal junkies a journey back to the old school lessons of this never-ending genre. The film brings in Robert De Niro to the best of his ability, as well as good performances from virtuosos like Al Pacino and Joe Pesci. Based on the book I Hear You Paint Houses. The film remembers the story of truck driver Frank Sheeran as he became involved in and deeply involved in organized crime in the 1950s.

8. 1922

Combining panic and crime can sometimes be stressful and you feel very close to a horrible series of kinds of negative events. But 1922 is very surprising and terrifying without the need for much CGI. The basis has a very twisted murder plot – a proud farmer who wants to kill his wife, convincing his young son to take part. Among the best crime movies on Netflix India, the guide outlines what the crime is to a man and is based on Stephen King’s 2010 book with the same name.

9. The Beguiled

This Flick Sophia Coppola combines the best kind of fun. the rope of danger, sexual conflict, and the mysterious name of Nicole Kidman. Long live the genre. Set during the Civil War, a sick soldier finds solace in a women’s school. But apparently, things get worse very quickly.

10. Shutter Island

Get out of here with your awesome mind games, Martin Scorsese! Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo preceded this psychological ad about two agents going to an abandoned island shelter. Trying to answer questions about a mysterious killer disappearing. But as the genre suggests. There is no similarity in appearance, and the story gets darker when two agents live on an island.

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