Best Horror Movies On Amazon Prime To Start Streaming

The horror genre is one of the many’s favourite genres. Check out the list of best horror movies on amazon prime to start a scary journey.


best horror movies on amazon prime

With so many titles available in Best Horror Movie in the Amazon Prime India category. It’s a really hard task to choose a fun movie just before your girlfriend’s friend falls asleep. From good to bad, and obviously bad, various types of Horror Movies are now available on Prime Video to stream at your will. So, going through the huge movie catalogue, we selected the best ones to watch. We showcase the list of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime.

1. Train to Busan

Set on the train travelling from Seoul to Busan as the zombie eruption takes place outside. It’s a perfect setup for exciting fun and quick action, as well as other family melodramas. The film is simple in consecutive themes. BStrongsideut also touches on the concept of self-sacrifice in critical situations.

Strongside characters are introduced, without much explanation. But with full impact, as our lead character and her daughter rush to save themselves from a vicious attack. It’s not just another zombie movie; it’s a quick flick, full of fully functional entertainment.

2. Take Shelter

Take Shelter stars, Michael Shannon, as a working family man who is convinced. That a destructive storm is coming after he has begun to have ideas for the apocalypse. Suffering from his family’s history of mental illness, he tries to hide his growing panic in his family. conveying his sense of guilt at building a storm zone in their yard; a growing career that exacerbates his work, finances and home life; his ideas are growing more and more awesome every day. Through his humorous comedy shows and other activities by Shannon and Jessica Chastain. Nichols writes about fear and anxiety, using a storytelling framework to provide a reflection on the devastation of mental illness and family.

3. The Monster Squad

If you like your horror of being in the middle of a friendly, humorous genre, “The Monster Squad” (1987) is a good choice. The film is part of a Goonies-esque adventure with a spooky twist. which follows the main theme of a beast-loving youth club led by Sean Crenshaw (Andre Gower), the sister of Dr Abraham Van Helsing’s diary. This eventually brings the Squirrel face to face with their photographs, including Count Dracula, Frankenstein’s “The Monster Squad” is an organization of goodwill and fun for children and children alike.

4. 30 days of night

Set in the Alaskan city facing the sunset for a whole month once a year (hence, 30 Days of Night). the film follows a brutal civil war of survival when an ancient family of vampires arrives at its shores. ready to end feeding without being threatened by the sun. Slade pulls hell out of the film, with a shotgun especially on top of a horrible catastrophe that lingers in my brain. and even though leader Josh Hartnett was in the midst of his self-sacrifice at the time. he introduced a high-level job as a stoic manager trying to patrol his city during their hell month. They are the terrifying vampires that have been around for a long time – especially the unforgettable performance of Danny Huston as a screaming leader, and an undead villain.

5. Berlin Syndrome

A young photographer meets a teacher at night and returns to his apartment. However, things got darker when a distraught teacher caught the young photographer in his apartment in Berlin. First of all, I want to say that I liked Teresa Palmer but seeing her do something in the first part of the movie was not a matter of bullying. But the subject matter was compelling, so I kept watching. However, even though the news story was good, it was just a movie in the middle, it could have been much better.

6. Black Box

Black Box is very confusing, and has a few twists in its short working time, all coming back from mystery; it’s based on amnesia. But in the end, it all makes sense, we promise. You will be happy with everything at least.

7. Crawl

During a severe storm, the woman returns to look for her father but is trapped when the pigs from the nearby gator farm run away. On the bright side, the movie contains a limited amount of suspicion and panic that creates intense anticipation for scary scenes when crocodiles attack humans. The crawl was a good watch and good to pass the time.

8. Nocturne

If you enjoyed Sydney Sweeney’s performance as a young Gen Z in The White Lotus, then you’ll enjoy his work at Nocturne (the second entry “Welcome to Blumhouse” to make our list) as an elite twin artist. She is often compared to her twin sister, and when she finds a mysterious letter she begins to pass him by. That’s where you guessed it – things are weird.

9. The Neon Demon

This awesome movie by director Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive) follows a fantastic model played by Elle Fanning who arrives in Los Angeles only to find a lot of weird and disturbed people. It can’t give you too far away, and you’ll definitely have a great WTF look on your face for most of you. And Keanu Reeves is in it. It’s fun!

10. IT

IT, portrayed by the iconic super-villain ‘Pennywise – Dancing Clown’ is a 2017 mind-scoring horror-thriller that wasn’t a stereotypical horror film.

Where we find a lot of panics or an elderly grandmother lying on her back. It is an explanation of how the shock/excitement should be done. By introducing the characters, the story and at the same time gives us an equal amount of panic. Until you feel uncomfortable with everything that is happening on the screen.

11. Annabelle: Creation

Named the best ever, Annabelle: Creation is the fourth instalment in The Conjuring Universe but not identical. As it adds a lot of durability and interest to a building that hasn’t been in the past. If you want to hear the spooky jitters of a well-expressed horror movie or are interested in knowing the true origins of Annabelle. Then this is the best movie you can watch. This is one of the best horror movies on Amazon Prime.

12. Don’t Breathe

Don’t Breathe, without a doubt, is one of the most directed and presented horror films of the last decade. With a slightly improved character and a central theme based on claustrophobia. Don’t Breathe takes chances and attracts you as a spectator from start to finish. It is a movie that I would highly recommend for guidance than that story with the characters. This is one of the best Horror movies on Amazon Prime India.

13. Escape Room

Encouraged by Saw and much other survival and problem-solving films. Adam Robitel’s Escape Room follows the course of six random individuals. Who find their way into the escape room, with the aim of earning a huge cash prize. While the movie does not come close to entertaining movies of this genre. It does not disappoint at all as it is sometimes entertaining. This is one of the best horror movies on amazon prime.

14 Midsommar

There comes a moment in films, usually, horror and action, in which viewers take action together. Often, this is due to such a tense, brutal situation one cannot help. But look at it with pointed eyes and a lazy jaw during the last “wtf”.

The folk horror flick Midsommar is about a film full of “wtf” pieces. From many horror moments to disturbing images and a shocking ending. Midsommar is one film where the audience can help but keep their eyes on the screen.

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