Best Anime On Prime Video To Enjoy in 2022

Many people have become interested in anime on video streaming platforms around the world recently. Take a look at Best anime on Prime Video.

anime on Prime

Take a look at Best anime on Prime Video.

Many people have become interested in anime on video streaming platforms around the world recently. Where do you enjoy watching anime so often? Amazon Prime Video is one of the most recommended websites and anime viewing apps as you can freely get a comprehensive anime program if you are a member of Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime Video may not get as much attention as Netflix or HBO Max but it does have an amazing collection of anime, some of which can only be found on the platform. So, the next time someone subscribes to Amazon’s premium service and finds himself wanting to watch Japanese animation, he should be sure to check out these great anime in Prime Video. Here is the list of best anime movie on amazon prime.

1.  Dororo – Dark fantasy

Dororo is one of the oldest buildings on the list. The show revolves around a ronin (Samurai without a king) who was born crippled because his father made a covenant with certain demons. Dororo joins and helps Ronin defeat many demons. Obviously, there is more but we do not want to waste anything. It’s a black show as the genre says. The program has 24 episodes.

2. Your Name

Your name, one of the hottest anime movies ever. Amazing art is a highly recommended anime in Prime Video and other Makoto Shinkai films.

Your name revolves around two main characters: high school student Taki Tachibana and the same age heroine, Mitsuha Miyamizu. One day, they realize that their bodies are suddenly changing as Taki lives in Tokyo and Mitsuha lives in a remote village. The story follows their daily lives until an important event occurs.

3. Happy Sugar Life

This is one of the darkest series you have ever encountered, anime or otherwise. Happy Sugar Life looks at Sato Matsuzaka, a high school girl who kidnaps a young boy named Shih because he loves her so much. Now, this is not sexual love, but only romantic and this child is so pure and pure that it removes all the darkness from Sato’s life. Sato did whatever length was necessary (such as murder, for example) to keep Shio locked up in his house and kept secret from the public.

4. Toradora!

Toradora! It is love, a piece of life that is a bit thrown in with jokes. It focuses on two high school students. Each one loves the other’s friend so they can help each other to overcome their crush. Their plans have the unintended effect of bringing the two closer together than they had originally intended. A funny little funny love story like their regular dating plans. The program is actually one of the best love anime in any streaming service and is one of the hidden treasures in Amazon Prime Video.

5. Akira

Akira, who has long been praised by many fans around the world, is one of the best anime in Prime Video. This is set in another city called Neo Tokyo in 2019, where Tokyo was devastated by the WWIII eruption. There are two main characters in Akira: the leader of the Bosozoku (Japanese cycling group) leader Shotaro Kaneda and his childhood friend Tetsuo Shima. The story begins when Tetsuo gains supernatural power after a motorcycle accident.

6. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender is undoubtedly the best anime for anime beginners and veterans alike. The show follows the story of Aang, who was frozen for 100 years before returning to the Fire Nation. He and his friends are working together to make sure that nothing bad happens. Sorry if that is a defective definition but I do not want to waste anything. This program has been highly recommended for sharing good news even though it has only lasted three seasons. Amazon Prime Video also has a spiritual sequel, The Legend of Korra, but you need to subscribe to Paramount Plus to watch it.

7. Girls’ Last Tour

There are hundreds of beautiful pieces of anime life out there, but not many are set in a remote area after the destruction. On the Girls’ Last Journey, Yuuri and Chito traverse the fallen world in search of necessities for their daily needs. This is almost the whole anime, which leads to an unusual relaxing experience despite the visual images that are often displayed. For Yuuri and Chito, this desolate place has become a tradition, and the girls face their sad reality with enthusiasm and conviction.

8. Re: Creators

Re: Creators is extremely amazing in the sense that it brings about a crazy war sequence. But it is also about creative struggles and the expected failures. Sota Mizushino is a passionate fan of manga and anime and hopes to one day create his own series that caters to audiences. Suddenly, characters from all media β€” manga, anime, video games β€” are brought into the real world and Sota is somehow in the middle of the two stages of creation when the end of the Earth is in danger.

9. One-Punch Man

This is one of the most popular anime, especially among foreign anime fans. IT is recommended for viewing on Amazon Prime Video. One-Punch Man focuses on a powerful warrior named Saitama who never looks cool but who can hit any enemy with one punch. You gain outstanding power to defeat powerful enemies with just one punch through hard training. Not only Saitama but also some cool and unique characters including his student Genos and military expert Bang.

10. Naruto

Naruto is considered one of the best anime series of all time by local and international anime fans. Featured on Amazon Prime Video. This is set in the fictional world of Ninja. Focusing on the main character Naruto, who grows up meeting various Ninja friends and teachers. There are many intense fighting scenes and animated stories about the lead and also the side and opposite characters.

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